Inovitech Combines IS-A-TASK Platform with Amazon Alexa Virtual Assistant

A Washington D.C. based legal consulting & technology firm, Inovitech LLC, recently revealed two new products – IS-A-TASK Help Assistant & IS-A-TASK Portal Assistant alongside the firm’s release of its IS-A-TASK 6.0 E-Discovery Legal Project Management Platform. Both the latest products improve the IS-A-TASK user experience by using Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant, from across several types of Amazon gadgets, to allow vocalized questions & answers by using Alexa concerning info and status.

Inovitech’s CEO and Founder Debra Rozier stated that the IS-A-TASK Help & Portal Assistants are one of a kind voice interactive BOTs tailored for the legal industry. They are two exciting user experience enhancements they have launched with there IS-A-TASK 6.0 platform for detailed legal project management of corporate e-discovery.

IS-A-TASK Portal Assistant that is combined with the IS-A-TASK medium, allows the person to obtain data related to project with the help of a user’s unique application portal. There is a lot of security involved as the doubts & answers are transmitted with the help of secure links with Inovitech’s servers that are private.

IS-A-TASK platform and IS-A-TASK Help Assistant run independently and they support voice-interactive responses with the help of Alexa for general queries which covers how-to-step-by-step instructions.

The IS-A-TASK Help Assistants & Portal can be used with each other or separately all dependent on the client’s demand, & both of them are available obtainable under standard licensing terms for Inovitech’s IS-A-TASK E-Discovery Legal Project Management Platform.

A legal project management platform IS-A-TASK is formed to reduce bottlenecks that can show up at any point in the E-Discovery Reference Model process. The platform gets project stakeholders closely to work on a portal that is centralized. It follows all the responsibilities & offers project managers with important insights they can utilize to start on-budget, on-time delivery of the project.

Furthermore, the platform provides a creative solution which consistently combines all stakeholders & facets from across the e-discovery process, which includes all of the functions & roles of the legal department, external service providers & outside counsel. It also replaces a variety of other applications utilized to handle e-discovery projects such as billing systems, email, evidence tracking & spreadsheets.

A legal consulting & solutions firm which is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metro area, Inovitech focuses in the creation of consultancy services for law companies, government firms, corporations, and legal service offerers and it also concentrates on developing cloud-computing applications of business. The firm assists its clients to enhance processes of business, improve workflow strategies and upgrade or combine solutions related to technology which accelerates effectiveness in accomplishing work related to legal matters.

Anant Sharma

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