Nike Unveils Self-Lacing Basketball Shoes, Nike Adapt BB

In an event in New York City, the footwear manufacturing company, Nike has unveiled a new self-lacing basketball shoes. It’s the company’s second commercial self-lacing product, following the HyperAdapt 1.0, which was released in 2016. Everybody is eying at these innovative shoes, as the self-lacing technology has grown from novelty to more commercial position over time.

The Nike Adapt BB will carry a $350 price tag, which is expensive for athletic aspect, however it is significantly lesser than the $720 the company charged for the HyperAdapt 1.0. Nike vice president of innovation, Michael Donaghu said that the self-lacing technology could be Nike’s next ‘platform’, something that the company executives reserve for innovations that are capable of generating huge sales.

The Nike Adapt BB enables the users to loosen or tighten the shoe just with a click on their smartphone. Donaghu mentioned that this shoe release will completely change the company’s equation with consumers because it will allow the company engineers to compile and analyze data related to the performance of the product, however, consumers can opt out of sharing information with Nike.

The Adapt BB shoes is equipped with a specially designed motor and gear train that can sense tension required by the foot. Athletes can use the buttons built into the shoe or a smartphone designed for the shoe to input customized fitting settings depending on constantly changing moments of basketball game.

The company selected basketball as the novel sport-specific application for this latest self-lacing technology due to the demands the sport places on the foot. Nike is likely to announce variants in this technology for other sports, along with a lifestyle version by the end of this year.

Nike VP Creative Director of Innovation, Eric Avar said in a statement that they chose basketball for Nike Adapt intentionally, owing to the demand that athletes put on their shoes. During a game of basketball, the athlete’s foot changes quickly and the ability to adapt the change by loosening the shoe for a smooth blood flow and then tighten again when the need arises, is a primary element that they believe can improve the athlete’s experience. Nike will roll out the shoe for sale on February 17, and the sport technology buff can get a pair of shoes for them by spending $350. Nike previously released self-lacing shoes Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 in 2016.

Sandali Tiwari

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