Queensland Ambulance Service Presents Digital System for a Medical Emergency

QAS (Queensland Ambulance Service) has revealed a digital system which aims to offer paramedics more prominent access to a patient’s essential medicinal data in emergencies.

The SafeMate emergency medical information program is under preliminary for Medibank clients with chronic diseases which are living in Queensland. The patients should be enlisted under Medibank’s CareComplete chronic illness management service.

The SafeMate program puts up a patient’s personal and medical data which they enter online. QAS staff would then be able to get to this information by scanning a QR code on a patient’s SafeMate card utilizing iPads.

Steven Miles, Queensland Government Minister for Ambulance Services indicated that this is essential data which a patient needs the paramedic to know in a medical emergency. Paramedics would utilize their functional iPads to tap the patient’s SafeMate device or card, as well as the medical data would flash on the screen. It extinguishes the time it will generally take a paramedic to enquire the patient a variety of questions so as to get their medical history along with other pertinent particulars.

This offers paramedics access to vital data, for example, subtleties on medical history and allergies, giving them a chance to distinguish the best courses of treatment prior to and enhancing patient results. It additionally expects to lessen patient and paramedic stress, tedious hospital visits and expenses in the health system, notwithstanding enhancing ambulance efficiencies.

Preceding December 1 a year ago, paramedics were not able to access these records as the association was not in the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) controlled health profession registry. This system is a demonstration of Queensland’s in progress digitization venture, with the presentation of a digital hospital program to enhance the patient results and state’s social insurance. A year ago, in December, through discoveries from a report tabled by the QAO (Queensland Audit Office), Miles in Queensland drafted the advantages of the digital hospital program.

He indicated that because of the digital hospital program, individuals from Queensland confront enhanced health service delivery & patient results, incorporating a decrease in impromptu readmission rates, quicker access of clinical data by medical employees and progressively legible patient records.

Ambulance Victoria has additionally worked up its digitization plan, with the company’s as of late declaring that it would soon deploy a predictive analytics platform for its paramedics to approach real-time data, accelerating as well as enhancing its decision making as the need for emergency services expands.

Sabyasachi Ghosh

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