$22 Million to be invested by General Motors in a Tennessee Plant

On Thursday, General Motors revealed that they will invest around twenty-two million in the manufacturing area located in Spring Hill, Tennessee to manufacture innovative and fuel-efficient V-8 engines.

General Motors also invested $300 million in Spring Hill to manufacture three-row sport convenience car – Cadillac XT6 revealed recently at Detroit auto show. General Motors also revealed that since 2010, it has invested two billion dollars in the plant.

The announcement comes days after General Motors stated that in North America it will decrease around fourteen thousand employment opportunities as the firm rearranges their portfolio of products from sedans that don’t sell quickly. Hence, there won’t be any new employment opportunities in Spring Hill because of the investment in engine revealed General Motors spokesperson Dan Flores, however, XT6 project includes over two hundred jobs in Spring Hill.

Engines will be added in a range of large cars manufactured by General Motors, most importantly Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup truck and GMC Sierra 1500 pickup. They come equip with technology, which spins various cylinders on & off in engine all dependent on the needs of the driver. Furthermore, the engine has the ability to operate all 8 cylinders when there is requirement of power for towing or acceleration, but can decrease the cylinders’ quantity running when they are not required for the purpose of saving petrol/diesel. Engines can run the 8 cylinders by using 17 various patterns, all dependent on the requirement.

Presently, Spring Hill manufactures 4 & 8 cylinder engines & brings together an assortment of vehicles. Besides, XT6, General Motors also manufactures Cadillac XT5 medium-size SUV, SUV manufactured for export, Holden Acadia, and GMC Acadia SUV. Currently, the plant facility was started in 1990 and has around three thousand eight hundred labor.

Vice President of United Auto Workers Union & Director of the General Motors Dept. said that they will support and motivate General Motors making investments in U.S.A. plants such as Spring Hills, Tennessee & all over the nation. Developing product where it is sold is beneficial for their families, members, communities, & everybody in the US.

General Motors is headquartered in Detroit which produces, designs, distribute, and sells vehicle and their parts and also markets financial services. General Motors was originally started in 1908 as a holding firm by William C. Durant. The firm manufactures cars in thirty-seven countries and its main brands are Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, and Cadillac.

Nikhil Kaitwade

With over 8 years of experience in market research and consulting industry, Nikhil has worked on more than 250 research assignments pertaining to chemicals, materials and energy sector. He has worked directly with about 35 reputed companies as lead consultant for plant expansion, product positioning, capacity factor analysis, new market/segment exploration, export market opportunity evaluation and sourcing strategies.