Miller Introduces Versatile Respirator for Welding Helmets

Miller Electric Mfg, a maker of arc welding hardware, as of late included two new contributions in the respiratory product listings.

The SAR (Supplied Air Respirator) is versatile and lightweight, with a C50 Air Regulator which could cool air coming in the welding helmet equal to 50 degrees ºF. It very well may be matched with the novel BreatheAir Filtration System.

Brian Bellile, product manager for Miller’s welding safety and health stated that the SAR system gives cooling to ease heat pressure as well as amplify throughout the day wearability. The company is delighted to bring these novel capabilities to the T94 Series listings that are intended to increase comfort, give prevalent perceivability and enhance productivity in producing welding operations.

At the point when combined with a T94i-R helmet, the SAR system gives indistinguishable advantages from the PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) helmet accessory from Miller—with the additional capacity to cool the air getting in the helmet. These cooling capacities are particularly beneficial for producing operations situated in humidity climates and high heat. At the same time, PAPR solutions are perfect for portable applications, as SAR solutions are perfect for welding in tight places. The C50 Air Regulator can be situated vertically or horizontally on the welder’s belt to line up with his or her body developments, whereas the 360-degree swivel air hose link mitigates hose coiling to decrease trip risks for administrators.

The BreatheAir Filtration System, another novel accessory which could be combined with the SAR framework, is accessible in portable and stationary choices which help whichever two or four users. The three-level filtration process changes over compressed air into Grade-D breathing air whilst checking for CO (carbon monoxide) amid use, guaranteeing consistency and worker wellbeing. Pointers indicate users when a channel change is required, wiping out the guesswork and amplifying unit operation. Also, outer cautioning alarms and lights inform users of increased CO levels.

SAR systems could be utilized with T94i-R helmets that have a fair design to diminish torque on the neck as well as amplify throughout the day don. The Dualtec manifold system advances helmet sound and balance and utilizes a six-point airflow dissemination system to boost cooling via focused air arrangement. Miller T94 Series helmets additionally incorporate ClearLight Lens Technology that upgrades clarity and contrast in welding and light states to improve reduce eye strain and enhance visibility.

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