New Skilled-based UK Immigration System to Open Avenues for Indians

The new proposal for skill-based immigration system in the UK opens up unlimited opportunities for skilled Indian workforce. The proposed immigration system is likely to come into effect by 2021. In talks with the Indian officials, British government officials put emphasis on how new immigration system will offer significant opportunities for Indians, especially students and skilled workforce.

According to the British High Commission statement, the UK government engaged with their Indian counterparts on the plan for new immigration policy after Brexit. Meanwhile, the round-table events were also organized by the UK government with all key people from business, education, and corporate sectors in India to get insight on the benefits of the new immigration system for India.

The British government is working towards more efficient and modern returns arrangement with India, to provide support to migration partnership. The UK government also proposed to eliminate the cap on new skill-based immigration system with a new system operating from 2021.

New proposals point that there will be no limit on a number of people including doctors, engineers, and IT experts to work and live in the UK. Also, India is one of the first countries outside of EU that London is consulting on new migration policies. British High Commissioner stated that migration partnership between India and Britain is a priority for his country. The discussion will also continue between UK and India on handling on illegal Indian nationals in the UK.

Current British visa system already offers a good service for India, with granting British to almost 1 in 5 Indian nationals. According to India Dominic Asquith, discussion are central to develop mutual cooperation, with the policies that promote skilled workforce and international students play an important role in new proposals by the UK.  

The discussion also highlighted a new phase of cooperation between countries and acted as the forum to discuss new opportunities, strengthening the bilateral relationship.

The white paper on proposed new immigration system was released by the British government last year. Some of the key statements include eliminating Resident Labour Market Test for high skilled workforce, removal of the cap on the number of skilled workers, making it easy for students to shift on to skilled visa work visa by the end of the course, and allowing an extended stay for period of six months to both undergraduate and postgraduate students after graduation.

Sudip Saha

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