Swift, Team SoloMid’s Parent Firm has Acquired Blitz Esports Application

A recent news by ESPN reports that Team SoloMid’s parent firm Swift has bought the App named Blitz Esports. It is a competitive gaming associate application for League of Legends. By offering the players with statistics about their sessions on gameplay, the application is developed to assist them alter their methods and enhance complete skillsets.

As per the ESPN sources who know about the deal, it was in November that Swift purchased Blitz Esports for a hefty amount. The firm will develop & service the desktop application that started beta testing in June 2018. Riot Games does not support Blitz Esports and neither does the firm has any sort of licensing deal with the firm.

The firm witnessed a significant move last year in November when the firm’s team was hired by gaming chat service, Discord. At that time, Blitz ended all the creation of content, fired 8 employees and transferred the rest of the employees for developing Discord products. Furthermore, the firm also indirectly stated that the application will be given to a new owner without any disturbances in services. That owner was Swift.

It was in 2009, that Team SoloMid was started by brothers Dan Dihn & Andy Reginald and is famous for their team League of Legends, but they have grown to other competitive titles that includes Super Smash Bros, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, and Fortnite.

The brand has around 3 million dedicated followers on their social media platforms. They are sponsored by Dr. Pepper, Chipotle, G Fuel, and Dr. Pepper.

Team SoloMid is one of the most famous brands in North American esports. In 2018, the firm raised around 25 million from Venture Capital firm Bessemer & finished a $37 million round of funding in July 2018 right before getting a franchising slot in the League of Legends NALCS. The new round was led by Bessemer but it covers famous names such as NFL player Steve Young, basketball star Stephen Curry & Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang.

The funding was originally reserved to encompass Swift’s other interest in businesses, which includes content networks, more investment in the gaming space as well as fees of franchising and also a new facility of esports in Los Angeles.

Additionally, the report further proposes that the purchase will improve LoL Counter & ProBuilds, 2 current parts of the Swift Portfolio which provides same services.

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