UK Signs £30 Million Research Partnership with Japan on Healthcare Tech

Medical researchers in the UK and Japan will join forces to conduct research into advanced treatments for patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases. The partnership also includes £10 million programs to advance regenerative medicines, led by the Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) in Japan and Medical Research Council (MRC) in the UK. While further £20 million in the funding will provide support to the collaboration between Japanese and British researchers.

Both the countries also agreed on a new collaboration on science and innovation and ethical use of robotics and big data in the healthcare. The partnership also focuses on promoting new advanced technology and innovation, enabling people to live a healthy and long life.

The research will lead to the creation of new technologies and tools for treatment and also help in better understanding of critical regenerative processes in the human body. All this can result in new therapies against various types of cancers and also repair the damage caused by degenerative diseases including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and motor neuron disease.

Businesses in Japan and Britain will collaborate to develop new technologies and assisted living products. Companies or businesses will also focus on integrating robotics and Artificial Intelligence in assisted living. The companies can also access funding to develop intelligent and safe home environments.

According to Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, UK, by 2035, the government is planning to give aged people at least 5 extra healthy years of life. Modern Industrial Strategy by UK and Aging Society Grand Challenge intents to put the UK at forefront of modern technologies. The Aging Society Grand Challenge along with the new long-term plan by NHS will help people to age well and also detect various diseases sooner to prevent them.

Japan and Britain also plan to strengthen their economic links through Japan’s Society 5.0 and Britain’s Industrial Strategy. Both the countries will work collaborate to tackle Grand Challenges of aging society, future of mobility, clean growth, and artificial intelligence. In addition to this, Britain will also join Japan in its global round table for dementia and summit on well aging society.

Innovative businesses, UK and Japan centers of excellence in data science and artificial intelligence, led by Alan Turing Institute will also share solutions on using a large amount of data ethically, safely, and legally. The countries will also focus on clean energy innovation.

Surbhi Gupta

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