Rodenticides Market to Witness Significant Rise in Revenue During the Forecast Period 2019 – 2029

Rodenticides Market: Market Outlook

Rodenticides are used for the killing and resisting the rodents from the areas prone to damage by the rats and similar animals in commercial settings, residential spaces, agricultural land fields, and warehouses. The people moving from rural areas to the urban areas, give these rats and rodents to find the place near humans. This creates the need for using the rodenticides to kill these rats and rodenticides. Moreover, the consciousness among the people about health & hygiene is increasing, which results in the more use of rodenticides by the people.

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The increasing concern about the economic losses related to damage due to presence rodents is the most driving factor for the rodenticides market. The environmental losses and the ill effects of rodenticides on human beings and other existing organisms is still the drawback of the rodenticides and it is hindering the market to reach its full potential. Hence the applications of the rodenticides are strictly regulated in various countries and regions. The chemical rodenticides is regulated with stringent regulations in North America and Europe.

Increasing Concerns about the Diseases and Economic Losses Drives the Market Growth

The population of the rodents in increasing continuously. This causes the increase in diseases like Plague, Lassa fever, and, Hantavirus infection which can affect the environment, humans and even wildlife. This has prompted the heavy use of rodenticides in various rodent control products in industrial, residential, and commercial applications.

The rodenticides are popularly used by various pest control agencies due to which the rodent resistant products are in high demand in the major cities across the world. The demand for the grains due to increasing population globally coupled with expanding food storage capacity owing to the increasing concern over food security are major factors which are driving the market growth of the rodenticides across the globe. The rodenticides market is heavily regulated. The toxicity level of rodenticides is different in different parts of the world. But the toxic effects of rodenticides on the children and domestic animals is controlling the wide acceptance in domestic uses.

Global Rodenticides Market: Market Segmentation

On the basis of Type, global rodenticides market has been segmented as,

Anticoagulant Rodenticides
First Generation Anticoagulant
Second Generation Anticoagulant
Non-Anticoagulant Rodenticides
On the basis of End Use, global rodenticides market has been segmented as,

Agricultural Field
Urban Centers
On the basis of Mode of Application, global rodenticides market has been segmented as,

Global Rodenticides Market: Market Participants

Syngenta, UPL
Liphatech Inc.
JT Eaton
Neogen Corporation
Pelgar International
Rentokil Initial PLC.
Senestech, Inc.
Bell Labs
Abell Pest Control
Impex Europa Sl
Rollins, Inc.

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Opportunities for Participants in the Rodenticides Market

The chemicals used in the rodenticides are harmful to humans and the environment. The natural rodenticides are biodegradable and non-toxic for humans, pets, wildlife, and the environment. Such products are economically viable, as they do not require any special storage, handling, transportation, and disposal. This emerging product into the rodenticides market is expected to drive the market demand for the rodenticides across the globe.

Rodents eat almost everything such as plants, seeds, and fruits. Rodenticides pellets have the shape of seeds, which attracts the rodents in large number. This property of pellet rodenticides is expected to boost the segmental demand for pellet rodenticides across the world. The agricultural sector is having the highest demand for the rodenticides as the crops storage warehouses and agricultural equipment have the danger of getting infected with the rodents. This increasing damage due to the rodents boosting the market demand from the agricultural sector across the globe. Pest control companies provide the services to the hotels, home, retail business apartments, office complex, food processing sector, manufacturing facilities, agriculture, warehouse, and electronic sectors. Rodents may not contaminate the food, but they can spread the various diseases. Increasing damages of electrical wirings and walls in commercial and industrial buildings are likely to increase the demand for pest control service and thus the demand for rodenticides is expected to increase over the forecasted period.

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